JRBA Services, Inc.

Tax & Accounting

Let’s Start a New Journey Together. 

JRBA services is committed to work with you as a partner and a friend who you can trust and rely on. We do not promise you that from here the path will be full of roses all the time, but we will try our best to remove the obstacles on your financial path by working together with you in line with your long term objectives and goal. 

We are in tax and accounting service for more than eight years with our principal CPA with more than 20 years of experience in tax advisory and accounting services. But it is just a number, however, what we value is the smiles and satisfaction our clients are able to wear on their face. 

We have been successfully able to understand the pain of our clients and their value in their life. We have been working together hand in hand with our beloved clients in achieving their financial goals. There are many clients who were start-ups when we had our first conversation and now they are doing large scale business and have been our clients for the past several years. We are proud to say that we have a 90% client retention rate. There are very few clients who had to leave us, because of some unexpected reasons. We are always working to make our service better in all aspects including human relations.

Preparation of tax returns, tax planning, tax advisory are technical parts that can be learned and skills can be sharpen, but here at JRBA we try our best to provide personal touch. We take the accounting profession as an art rather than mere number game. In JRBA people are at work with the help of sophisticated machines, but machines never decide for us. We use the pure human brain. 

We connect on a personal level, we try to work as your partner, friend and very close key member of  your business with whom you can share your goals, vision, problems, joy and values We try to be a help rather than a professional nerds while serving you. 

We follow rules and laws and love the clients who adhere to them also. We work and plan under the law to find them opportunities. We always believe that tax laws have given ample room for planning opportunities. We have this view that the intention of legislation is to provide various planning opportunities in the nature of deductions, carry-forwards, credits, investments, deferrals and many more. to the citizens along with taxing them on the income they receive. We explore the opportunity in line with your goals and plan your finances in manners that there is a win-win for you and the government. So that there will be less hassles later from the government authorities, mainly Uncle Sam. We mainly focus on the tax and compliance side of your finances along with investment and business structuring opportunities that come across the planning and advising arena.  

We have been successfully working with our clients under the law to reduce their taxes and provide them confidence and good sleep at night. We also have a track record of helping clients to come clean on IRS audits when they have given up hopes. 

We do not make false promises to succeed in what we do all the time. We do not even promise you to save a bunch of taxes and get you a big refund. We all know when we make money we need to pay taxes. The only time you do not pay tax is either you do not make money or you incur loss. Both situations are not favorable to you. You would rather want to make money and pay taxes than not making money just to avoid taxes. However, you should only pay what you are required to pay. That we can assure you. And for sure you agree on this.

Let's come together and know each other to find out if we are fit for each other and we share the same vision and value for growth, abundance and prosperity. 

Looking forward to working with you.

Wish you all the best !

Yours Sincerely,


Jyoti Raj Adhikari,. CPA