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J Raj CPA & Co, PLC, Certified Public Accountant

CPA firm Committed to excellence

J Raj CPA & Co, PLC is a CPA firm committed to provide holistic approach to tax and accounting service and proactively impacting the well-being of those we work with. By working closely as a business partner with our clients, we provide very unique, tailored, change oriented and value-driven results. Our goal is to enhance our client’s financial well-being by maintaining the highest level of integrity and honesty in all facade of work we offer and provide.

Jyoti Raj Adhikari, CPA, CA, MBA started his journey as an auditor more than 20 years ago, and currently he has a team of experienced professionals that has developed a tradition of dependability and trust within numerous clients across various industries and financial sectors for more than a decade. 

We are committed to provide an unmatched service with practical results through close attention to detail and personal involvement. Our practice is comprised of nearly 10 team members located in different states led by Jyoti Raj Adhikari, CPA to help our clients achieve their financial goal. Along with attestation service, our team integrates business and personal tax planning and preparation services to provide full accounting service in one package under tax and accounting firm named JRBA Services, Inc and with other partnering firms across various states in the USA. 

Our Clients

Our portfolio comprises of clients starting from small business with couple hundred-thousand dollars to medium sized client, reaching up to couple hundred-million dollars in revenue. However, we do not count on sizes; At J Raj CPA we focus on financial well-being of our clients. At J Raj CPA, each client has equal access to same service and knowledge base with same level of respect and right to receive the same level of expertise irrespective of the size and volume. Our holistic approach assures our clients that we have a clear picture of the greater client needs.

Our team with 3 CPAs and other 7 human assets, as a whole,  is a knowledge pool of great people, and we are very proud to announce that our team at J Raj CPA is very professional, experienced, knowledgeable, accessible and down to the earth people working with the highest level of integrity, ethical values and a firm commitment.

The smile of satisfaction on face of our client is priceless !!!

Tax Services

We help clients achieve their financial goals by provide tax planning and preparation service. We work with client and help them take advantage of all the tax codes in their favor. We look into deeply into each tax code to take full advantage of deferrals, credits and deduction under the tax laws and regulations. We work with S-corps, C-corps, Partnerships and LLC.

Business Consulting

Our goal is - our client select the best business structure for their businesses. Structure depends on various aspects including future plan of expansion, foreign investment, going public and tax savings. We help them to decide on best business structure.

Accounting Services

We help client to set up their books of account and also help them keep track of their financials. 

Retirement planning and HSA

We help client to decide on most tax effective selection of retirement accounts and other tax saving accounts. We are not licensed retirement planner but we can help decide our client to choose a best retirement plan that saves them the most tax now and or in future.

Payroll Services

We prepare and process payroll. We file quarterly payroll returns such as form 941 and IA quarterly returns and annual returns like form 940. We process W2 and file W3, 1099-Misc, 1099-NEC and form 1096 and various other state and federal payroll returns on behalf of the clients.


Employee Retention tax credit is tax credit given to employer for keeping their employees during pandemic. We can still claim this credit until 2024 and 2025. Government pays employer in the form of payroll tax return. The credit can be as large as $26,000 per employee.  

Financial Reporting Services

We prepare financial statements and provide quarterly inventory and financial reporting to banks and various authorities on behalf of the clients.

C-Corp and Tax Provisioning

We provide provisioning support for Corporation under ASC 740. With through understanding of USGAAP and US Accounting Standards, we are able to help numerous clients on their financial reporting requirements.

Audit, Review and Compilation Services

J Raj CPA & Co, PLC provide audit, review and compilation service for the clients who are required to conduct it under the law or they need for banks or for public reporting.