Fees and Pricing

At JRBA services, we provide best of our service to all clients without consideration of the fee we charge. Service is our goal and fees are by-product of good service. We charge fee based on the value of service we provide. Meaning we charge for the value our clients derives from working with us. Tax, Accounting and Finance is continuous and long term process and benefits our clients derive depend on timely and perpetual planning. We are committed to providing best service to our clients with timely and accurate results.

**Here are the glimpse of base fees we charge on types of service we provide

Tax Consulting - $290-$450/hour

Tax Planning (Retainer Base): $1200 - $4500/Quarterly ($300-$1500/monthly)

Tax preparation

Corporate Tax: Base Price: $950 (hourly rate of $250 for big returns)

Individual Tax: Base Price: $450 (Hourly rate of $250 for big returns)


Financial Statement Preparation: Base Price of $1,000

Compilation: Base Price of $300 + $250/hour

Review and Audit: Base Price of $2500 + $350/hour

Accounting Support/Book Cleaning: $100/hour

Payroll/Bookkeeping: $75/Hour

**The fees may differ based on complexity of the project and long term relation with the clients.

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